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YOUR Rights
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Tim Kennedy is certified as a specialist in the practice of Workers' Compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Section on Workers' Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Knee injuries are common.  Among the most common kind of injury suffered at work involving the knee is the torn meniscus.

The meniscus is a rubbery disc that cushions your knee. There is one meniscus at the inner edge of each knee and another at the outside (called the medial meniscus and the lateral meniscus).  They stablize and balance your weight across the knee.  When a worker suffers a torn meniscus -- usually by twisting the knee or turning quickly with the foot planted or with heavy lifting or strenuous activity, the torn meniscus will prevent the knee from functioning properly. 

Even a minor meniscal tear can cause pain and swelling.  When a tear is minor, the symptoms may resolve on their own within a matter of weeks -- if the worker is able to avoid duties that may aggravate or perpetuate the injury.  A more substantial tear will often cause pain at the side or center of the knee, with more severe swelling that may increase over time.  The knee may be stiff, with limited bending and pain with movement of the knee for things like squatting or anything that puts strain on the knee.  This type of tear can cause symptoms that may go away with time yet come back again with any overuse of the knee, creating a chronic problem or long term restrictions to avoid the risk of further injury if the worker must go without more significant medical treatment. 

Tears that are more severe can result in pieces of the torn meniscus getting pinched within the joint. This will make your knee catch, pop, or lock, and you may not be able to straighten your leg.  You may feel that your knee is unsteady and may have the knee "go out" with no warning. Your knee may may swell and become stiff right after the injury or within a few days.  Pieces caught within the joint can sometimes move in and out of the joint space -- so that one day the knee is locked and weight bearing can't be tolerated, the next the knee functions much better, as with a less severe tear, only to have the torn piece again pinched in the joint space at some later date.  This kind of on-again-off-again symptomatology can be a huge problem in the case of a work injury, when company doctors can be counted on to try to downplay every injury and where insurance companies and employers try to avoid the costs of surgical treatment.  Workers who are not actively pursuing thier rights may find their employer using a period of lesser symptoms to push a claimant back to work when the underlying injury is still there, then possibly pushing the worker out the door (such as by inventing a reason for a firing or a lay off), leaving the worker without options and with a knee that is prone to recurrent serious disfunction.  This is particularly at risk when the employer and insurance company recognize a claim only with a "Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable" (which is worth little more than the paper it is printed on), and/or when the insurance carrier describes a meniscus tear as merely a "knee strain" or "contusion" and therefore takes no actual legal responsibility for the real pathology caused by a work injury.

These same issues arise with more serious knee injuries, such as in the case of a torn ACL or other significant pathology.

If you have injured your knee at work, call us.  We can help you secure and advance your rights and guide you toward the goal of both proper medical care for your injury and proper compensation for your injury, both in week-to-week benefits for any time or wages missed and in pursuit of an appropriately large lump sum settlement for living with the effects of a work related injury.

Call us now at (484) 453-8144.
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I had a serious work related injury. I hired Tim after speaking with him and feeling completely at ease with his professionalism and demeanor. My case became complicated over time. Throughout the process I always felt that Tim had my best interest in mind. With every phone call or email, Tim was very informative and proactive, always explaining things in a way I could understand. He worked hard for me in his dealings with my employers insurance company. He did this so much so, the insurance company actually fired their own attorneys in the middle of litigation. In the end, Tim was able to negotiate a substantial settlement, including taking the burden off of me of an excessive amount of unpaid medical bills. I would highly recommend Tim.
                - B (Workers Compensation client)

"I" truly, Love / Respect and Appreciate - "Attorney: Timothy James Kennedy" for, his (highly, professional / unselfish {going, above and beyond} / highly, dedicated) approach in working with, me / my, un-fortunate circumstance(s) and my (unfortunate), legal dilemma... and, will (with; every, opportunity) be highly, recommending his legal services to (all) family / friends and strangers found in-need of such, ser-vices!!!
"Attorney: Timothy James Kennedy" is (not, only) a, true professional -He is a, loving / caring / sharing human being who (not, only) cares about his, cases and reputation; but, cares (also) for the lives and the families of those he so-caringly and so-humbly, represents!!!
He will (always) be appreciated and will never - ever - be, forgotten. "I" (on, behalf of myself and my, family) appreciates the fact that, He was willing to stop-by and become, "The Good Samaritan" in our, lives!!!
                - Michael (Workers Compensation Client)

Timothy is a really great lawyer. He knows what to do, and how to handle really sticky situations. When I first came to him, I had very little to back me up, but we mainly him lol pulled through and got the job done with GREAT results. If I could back in time I would still pick him as a lawyer 1000 times more. He took his time, talk to me like I was a person and not a dollor sign, and made lawyer jargon understandable english for me. I truely felt comfortable with him handling my case, and I never doubted him since the very first meeting. I also like that he gives his personal direct number to get in contact with him whenever you may need him, and he always responds if not that same day, the very next. The only bad thing I would have to say is its a shame I would have legal trouble to work with him again lol.
                -Trina (Workers Compensation Client)

Highly knowledgable in the law with excellent people skills..I highly recommend Mr. Kennedy.
                - Current Workers Compensation Client

As these testimonials reflect, we work very hard to satisfy our clients and to ensure the best results in handling their claims.  Call us now to let us explain how we can help you advance your rights and interests, so that you too can become a satisfied client.
                -Tim Kennedy
                (484) 453-8144

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